Photology – Photography Theme

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Photology – Photography Theme

Change Logs
Change Logs
  • Fix gutenverse templates load mechanism
  • Fix animation load issue
  • Add new front page, archive, and search core templates
  • Rework core templates
  • Fix colors
  • Fix url typo in admin notice
  • Host theme’s webfont locally
  • Fix excerpt on admin pages
  • Update theme’s dashboard page
  • Fix keyboard accessibility
  • Fix navigation close button unclickable on mobile when user is logged in
  • Fix theme color slugs
  • Fix some default css
  • Add more core block patterns
  • Add animation classes for some core block patterns
  • Add additional custom styling choices for some core blocks such as buttons, columns, and group
  • Fix empty nav menu block
  • Add attribution for images used for this theme
  • Change theme.json version to 2
  • Remove custom_logo codes
  • Fix default heading font
  • Initial Release

Best Features

Building Your Own Website is Easier Than Ever

Get the powerful blocks at your disposal for all your Gutenberg needs only at Gutenverse.

No-Coding Skill Required

You no longer have to be professional web developer to make a beautiful site. Drag & Drop feature is designed for you to create page without any coding skills.

Advance Typography

Gutenverse provides a lot of fonts to choose from with elaborate typography control for great customization details to best fit your site appearance.

Multi Device Option

Control what your page would be looked like across all device sizes easily in a single interface. Every block can be styled for each device.

Advance Form Builder

Create your own form with a wide range of various fields on your site. The drag & drop form field makes the form building easy, powerful, and seamless.

Animation Effects

Each block has animation effect to choose from. Enhance your site engagement level by increasing the interactive level with animations effect.

Advance Shape Divider

Separate your site sections with shape dividers. Tons of shapes to choose from and highly customizable to best fit your site appearance.

Regular Updates

Gutenverse is dedicated to keep improving and adding content to the plugin. This ensures providing the plugin that makes your website amazing.


Dedicated plugin documentation that provides detailed information on Gutenverse. Comes with support service to ensure no question or issue goes unsolved.

Fast & High Performance

Remove jQuery dependency and optimized in a way that only the necessary script is loaded depending on which blocks used to ensure fast user experience.