Amazing Gutenverse Plugin With 47+ Block Elements

Create limitless layout with over 47 Gutenverse blocks that include Form Blocks, Post Blocks, and General purpose Blocks.

Basic Blocks

30+ Gutenverse Basic Blocks

Create unlimited layout with more than 48 block elements includes Blog Modules, custom Sliders and Hero.

Popup Builder

Create an interactive popup you want to show to your user

Advance Heading

A more Advanced Heading with multiple options

Animated Text

Create text with beautiful animation flow


Create Title/Heading on your page with advanced options

Text Editor

A place to create a text content or description


Add beautiful and interactive action button

Multi Buttons

Create interactive multiple buttons easier


A vertically stacked list of expandable/collapsable item

Star Rating

Showcase ratings of anything you want to share


Showcase your image with advanced options

Image Box

Add information section with image, title and description


Showcase your client’s or people’s testimonals


Embed a video you want to share


Add a beautiful icon with more than 100 icon options

Icon Box

Add information sections using icon boxes with different styles

Icon List

Create an interactive list with icons

Social Icons

Show social networks link to your website visitors

Logo slider

Showcase your clients, sponsors, or a list of images

Fun Fact

Create an interesting fact about your website or achievement

Google Maps

Display a location you want to share to your website visitor


Showcase your images in grid or masonry layout, with a popup and zoom option

Nav Menu

Create a navigation menu for your visitor to explore your website

Progress Bar

Create a progress bar of your achivement or other things you want to share


Create content inside a tab block with vertical or horizontal tab styles


Add a section to wrap several blocks or column


Show your beautiful teams in various styles

Social Share

Allow your visitor to share the current page


Draggable column, to make resizing column more convenient


Split your content with a customizable divider


Create a spacer to give a gap between content

Post Blocks

9+ Gutenverse Post Blocks

Create unlimited layout with more than 48 block elements includes Blog Modules, custom Sliders and Hero.

Post Tittle

Show the title of a single post

Post Author

Show post author name

Post Date

Show the published/modified date of a single post

Post Excerpt

Show the short summary of a single post

Post List

Show a list of posts of your choice

Featured Image

Show the featured image of a single post

Post Terms

Show the categories/tags of a single post


Show comment section of a single post

Post Block

Showcase a block of posts of your choice

Form Blocks

12+ Gutenverse Form Blocks

Create unlimited layout with more than 48 block elements includes Blog Modules, custom Sliders and Hero.

Text Input

This field for single line text

Email Input

This field for input email address


This field is used to create a drop-down list

Multi Select

Same as select, but multiselect can select several options

Telp Input

This field for an input telephone number

Number Input

This field let the user enter a number


This field for create a text input area of unlimited length

Date Input

This field for date picker includes the year, month & day


This field for selecting zero or more of many choices


This field for selecting one of many choices


This field for activating one of two predefined options

Submit Button

This field for submitting form data