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Plugin Installation

Directly from Dashboard

On your WordPress Dashboard, go directly to Plugins section

Figure 1

After that, click on Add New

Figure 2

Then on the search box on the right side, search the word “Gutenverse” and then click on Install Now

Figure 3

Then click on Activate

Figure 4

Download from

You can download our plugin directly from

Figure 5

Click on the “Download” button, and wait for the download to be finished.

After your download finished, access your WordPress Dashboard, then click on Plugins.

Figure 6

And then click on Add New

Figure 7

After that, you click on Upload Plugin, then upload the file on Choose File section, then click Install.

Figure 8
Figure 9

After installation complete, you can go to Plugin > Installed Plugins, then search for Gutenverse and click Activate

FIgure 10
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