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How To Setup SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)?

What is SMTP?

SMTP which stand for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an email protocol used to sending email messages from one email account to another. Without this setup, you won’t be able to send email messages to other email accounts.

How to Set It Up?

The easiest way to use this protocol in WordPress is by installing plugin that is already available on You can go to Plugins -> Add New and then search for the keyword “SMTP”. There are many SMTP plugins that you can choose which have their way of handling SMTP.

For example, you can use WP Mail SMTP to setup SMTP for your site.
To set it up, you can check on their article which explain in details on how to setup SMTP using many choices of mailer services, including the popular Google/Gmail

After you’re done setting up SMTP, the next thing is to setup your contact form.
Please check this article on how to do it.

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