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How to add your first Gutenverse blocks?

There are many blocks that you can use with Gutenverse. In this article, we will show you how to add a block to your workspace and how to style it.

Step 1

On your top screen there’s a plus icon, click on it and there are bunch of blocks that you can us (Figure 2).

Figure 1
Figure 2

Step 2

Next, you can drag and drop a block that you want to use, for example add an animated text, as below.

Figure 3

Step 3

Click on the block, and there is an ellipse icon (Figure 4), click it, and there will be a dropdown menu. Click “show more option”(Figure 5) to show right side bar, that used for styling(Figure 6).

Figure 4
Figure 5

Then you can start styling your block with your creativity.

Figure 6
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